Disegno is a London-based biannual magazine, a website and a salon programme dedicated to international architecture, design and fashion.

Disegno Daily is updated every day and focuses on current news and debates, alongside feature pieces and interviews. All content is written and filmed exclusively for Disegno and we commission expert writers to share opinions and insights on recent events.

This is the team behind Disegno:

  • Johanna Agerman Ross

    Editor-in-chief and founder

    Johanna is a London-based design critic with Swedish roots. She taught at the Royal College of Art and worked at the Design Museum before becoming deputy editor of Icon magazine in 2008. Johanna developed the initial idea of Disegno during her evenings and weekends, but it now consumes most of her waking and sleeping hours.

  • Daren Ellis

    Creative director

    Daren gave Disegno its distinctive look and continues to oversee all aspects of its aesthetic. Daren has previously worked on publications like 10, Wallpaper, Dazed Magazine and Tate Etc. Away from magazines, he runs See Gallery and is an admirer of mid-century design.

  • Colin Christie

    Art director

    Responsible for the design of Disegno Daily, Colin also works on Disegno's print edition. In his life away from the magazine, Colin is the co-founder of art book publisher Plumplum Books and the owner of a wonderful cat - Bags - who has been known to holiday in Disegno's office.

  • Manijeh Verghese

    Salon coordinator

    A founding member of the Disegno team, Manijeh has proven invaluable in helping to develop the tone and content of Disegno Daily. As well as organising all of Disegno's salon events, Manijeh works for the Architectural Association, from which she graduated in summer 2012.

  • Jere Salonen

    Web developer

    A Finn who flits between Barcelona, Stockholm and Berlin, Jere built Disegno Daily from scratch. Without Jere, Disegno Daily would still be a sketch on paper. When not creating websites for the likes of Hel Yes! and Frederike Helwig, Jere captures situations and people with his collection of old cameras.

  • Andrew Chidgey-Nakazono

    Commercial director

    Andrew Chidgey-Nakazono has been appointed Commercial Director at Tack Press, the publisher of Disegno and Jocks&Nerds Magazine. In his role Andrew will head up the sales department, managing advertising revenue and all other commercial projects of Jocks & Nerds, Disegno and DisegnoDaily.com

  • Oli Stratford

    Deputy editor

    Oli is Disegno's deputy editor, having joined Disegno while it was still an idea on paper. He manages Disegno Daily and works on the print edition of Disegno. He wears round tortoiseshell spectacles and likes very much the four or five Platonic dialogues he has read.

  • Interns

    Peter Maxwell, Elizabeth Glickfeld, Andrew Jones, Adam Taylor Smith, Will Grice, Nina Levitt, Mackenzie Leary, Anna Holden, Aengus Tukel, Rebecca King, Alex Horne, Joanna McCutcheon